Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association (WPHCA)

The Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association is proud to represent Wisconsin's 17 Community Health Centers. Our Community Health Centers provide care to over 300,000 Wisconsin residents.

Health Centers in Wisconsin and across the US represent a valuable source of comprehensive, quality health care catered to individuals who have been traditionally underserved by the health care industry. In 2012, approximately 75% of Wisconsin health center patients had incomes below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

The Primary Care Association is responsible for providing health centers with training and techincal assistance on a variety of topics, for advocating on behalf of the health centers and the patients they serve, and for keeping health centers and partner organizations informed of policy and other enviornmental issues which either support or threaten our efforts to ensure that every Wisconsin resident has access to quality, affordable health care. You can learn about our recent work by viewing our 2013 Annual Report.

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Lisa Olson

Director of Policy and Programs



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